An Omnibus Feature Film by Neelu Bhuman


As limitless as nature itself

"Transfinite took me back to underground queer cinema of the early 1990s, with the winning combination of young adult self-knowledge and wilful innocence that made films like "Go Fish" meaningful. The film's diverse trans perspectives take viewers outside our expected roles and outcomes to lead us to different, more holistic ways of being in the world and with one another." - Anuradha Vikram, Art Critic, Outfest

"With outstanding performances and a lush score, TRANSFINITE imagines a poetic space of infinite possibilities and tells unique stories about trans people by trans people themselves." - Danielle Solzman, Inside Out, Toronto, Canada

"Beautiful, transcendent and immersive. Transfinite depicts trans folks - specifically, trans folks of color - in a way I’d never seen before. As a deeply spiritual individual and as someone deeply invested in ancestral work, seeing this struck a chord in me. The energy in the room was tangible, magical, and empowering in a way that will stay with me for years to come.". —  L Mok, Outfest

“An outstanding and beautiful film that shines through the complexity and intersections it depicts. It takes us into different lives of trans folks of colour without imposing an outside gaze. Transfinite shows beautifully that when people are not reduced to one aspect of their identity they become truly alive and radiate brightly. It imbues the every day with the extraordinary. It shows the magical powers that people access once they know and love themselves. The magic people dip into which is so special, so striking, words are not enough to describe it. Powerful!”- Olumide Popoola, London

“The thing that I really liked is that ‘nobody ever said - oh my gender identity is this! - there was no limiting or defining, the stories weren’t about the things that were commercial or it wasn’t a cis/gay type of trans cinema. The cis/gay cinema is very often is so focused on or it’s all about what gets chopped off and stuffed where and very much in that sort of frame of thinking. This was very visceral, what I also enjoyed about this was that I didn’t know people’s pronouns and that was kind of deliberate… that you don’t know and you can’t assume and you don’t assume and that is fine. I just appreciated that.”  - Audience Member, TranScreen Amsterdam

"I expected this film to be spectacular but it surpassed this multiple times. A truly inspirational collection of shorts. It took me on a journey into a world never seen in the media. The real life and reality of trans people of colour and also an imaginative hopeful future. Transfinite made me think, laugh, and gave me hope. This was so needed. This was so refreshing. This is what we need more of. Long gone are the days when trans roles are played by cis folks. Transfinite was and is bold and beautiful. A true gift and a must-see." - Marisa Rosa Grant, Comedian, Toronto

“One of the things that struck me was that this was done with SAG’s cooperation so it was good to see that everyone was compensated. It seems like it was done within the framework of labour positive process as well which is really important.” - Audience Member, TranScreen Amsterdam 

"In Transifinite Neelu Bhuman and the collaborating team give us a vision of immense creativity and possibilities.  They break new ground together, making us feel a feel a myriad of emotions and making us think about the rich tapestry of our transgender siblings.  Transgender people of color are centered as the rightful protagonists of their stories and futures--and we are all the better for it."  -- Adelina Anthony & Marisa Becerra (AdeRisa Productions), Outfest

"The key word to describe Transfinite for me is 'nourishing'. Apart from the content of this film centring on themes of community care and nourishment, the fact that these shorts were made in a radical community-lead format also shows how nourishing it would have been for the filmmakers themselves to collaborate on this project. Upon watching the film, it's also so very clear that the main aim of this community project was to give back to their community by realising this film for us. It was incredibly nourishing for me to watch and experience these films as a queer woman of colour, in a cinema surrounded by other queers (at SQIFF!) whose positive reactions were also palpable in the air. A total joy in every aspect!" - Samar Ziadat, Director of Dardishi Festival & Programmer at the Scottish Queer International Film Festival and Glasgow Zine Library

“Neelu Bhuman's Transfinite, infinitely beats any established genre of filmmaking. Experimental to its core, this 7-part first feature of the director, written by many writers of trans experience, is a unique collaborative effort with a truly trans-national spirit.” - Satya Rai Nagpaul, National award-winning cinematographer, Kochi-Biennale, India

"Transfinite is the type of all-too-rare work that allows transgender people to take charge of their own stories, and the results speak for themselves. These shorts are filled with the acts of caring, joy, and resilience that define trans life, allowing our humanity to exist on-screen in vibrant and wide-ranging detail. In sharing this work with us, the creators involved have formed a potent reminder that we are not just our bodies: our greatest potential lies in the connections we share." - @lilymakowski

"I appreciated the themes of love and unity, and working together. I teach kids and I want to show them this film because it's so different from the other LGBT films out there" - Audience member, Seattle Translations Film Festival

“A journey through different skins unlike anything I have ever experienced before! Divine-gagic realism done right! Thank you so much for sharing your heart's work with us! Really hope you get that doc made! Your eyes are needed in this world!“ - Moumy, Vancouver Queer Film Festival 

“A rare delight to see exquisite and powerful stories centring our lives as trans people of color, made by trans people of colour.” — Campbell X, London

“This film made me tingle all over. It tasted of beauty, freedom, sass, solidarity and celebration. Transfinite is like a bright splash of a rainbow, wildly fulfilling Todi Cade Bambara’s cry to make the revolution irresistible.” — Jilna Shah, London

"Several short stories capture the whimsical and dark realities of life, looking from the inside out of BIPOC bodies. I felt heard, I felt voiced, and I felt happy. Check it out!" - Sikh Knowledge, Musician/Artist

"Audre Lorde said there is no such thing as a single issue struggle because we don't lead single issue lives. In Transfinite we see the struggle for gender liberation as linked irrevocably to the struggle against white supremacy, border control, environmental destruction etc." - Gee Semmalar, Bangalore based trans educator/activist.

"Mainstream heteronormative representation of sex always focuses on organs. I liked that eroticism was de-linked from the body in this film. I found that unique and liberating." - Aryakrishnan, Artist, Kochi-Biennale, India

"Transfinite was like embarking on a magical journey that titivates the imagination with vibrant colors, images, sounds, woven into trans and queer centered narratives that celebrate the beauty and complexity of what it means to be free to be ourselves and held." -- Truc Nguyen, Frameline

“Neelu Bhuman's film TRANSFINITE took me on an unexpected journey through a collection of short films as varied and beautiful as our community itself.  Set against a score of rhythmic and pulsating beats, TRANSFINITE is an eclectic and electric ride from start to finish.” Shaan Dasani, Actor, Outfest